2 of Swords

I’ve considered this card several times, but today, I find a different thought. The person is sitting on a stage blindfolded, with two swords balanced and feet planted firmly – meditation is the theme. The calmness of the mind is reflected by the watery moonlit backdrop. (continued in comment) The Crescent moon in the background whispers to the unconscious mind, absorb all you can. Pay attention to your breathing, your posture, your balance, and allow yourself to hear that small voice that will answer the questions swirling in your mind. Get still today. Allow the universe to offer up answers you can only hear when you’re willing to absorb and listen.

It’s time to get centered. It’s time to get still and listen to what the Universe has to tell you, the message it’s sending. Find a place of inner peace – absorb – listen – pay attention. If you don’t you’ll continue to have difficulty in making the big decisions that must be face right now… and in the future. You want to be on the deciding side – you don’t want your hand forced. And it will be.


The ability to remain removed from the situation is gone. It’s time to open up and connect. Distinguish reality from fantasy. Balance is no longer the key to the situation. Just be aware that that objectivity is lost – and sometimes that’s ok.

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