Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles:

If you want to have a garden, you have to go through all the steps, tilling the soil well, making the rows, planting the seeds, tending to the slips as they come up, weeding, watering, staking if needed, watching the plants bear fruit, waiting for the fruit to ripen before you pick it. It’s a process. It takes planning, patience, wherewithall, diligence and responsibility. It’s the same with any kind of endeavor in which you want to be successful. What do you need to be more methodical about? What plans do you need to make?

The time has come to be sure you get the details of work and life in order. Patience, persistence and reliability are the keys. When you stay focused, and handle the mundane, you won’t be so freaked out by the details that you miss the extraordinary when it happens. And it will happen.

Knight of Pentacles (R):

The holding pattern is over. Spontaneity maybe the order of the day. Be open to change in areas that no longer nurture or support you physically or financially.

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