The Weekend’s Powerful Combination!

There is little more attractive than the graceful confidence of someone who understands their craft, and moves fluidly through the machinations of it.  The Magician is that kind of person.  He has all the resources both internally and externally, he understands the spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical fortitude it takes to manifest what he wants.  And he knows the transformation will be worth it. More

The Knight of Swords

Now this is a guy I could fall in love with!  He’s smart, charismatic, sexually exhilarating, witty and attentive.  He knows his stuff, and is willing to stand up for that which he passionately believes.  He has little fear because More

It’s Time to Take Action!

On this rainy, stormy Monday here in the Southeast, we start a new moon phase.  This one is the First Quarter.  During this phase, it’s time to take action.  Start making moves toward the goals.  Interestingly enough, my card for today was the 8 of Cups – a card all about action. More

New Moon Visualizations and Messages

Today is the New Moon in the sign of Aries.  It’s a time to visualize what you want to manifest in the coming lunar cycle.  As has become my practice, I drew a card to represent the moon phase and my regular card for the day.

The card I drew for the moon phase was The Emperor.  Funny that. The Emperor is associated with Aries.  It’s also considered the 4th Major Arcana card.

The card I drew for the day was the 4 of Pentacles.

The 4th of April, the 4 of Pentacles, and The Emperor also a 4.  Pretty interesting, huh?

Spiritual Numerology has this to say about the meaning of the number 4:

“You are practical, detail-oriented, organized, orderly, systematic, methodical, precise, reliable, punctual, dependable, honest, trustworthy, without artifice.  You are the rock and cornerstone of an enterprise,you don’t give up easily, you are perseverant and a hard worker.”

Now, let’s look at the Emperor.  He’s a successful man who has achieved his goals through the very traits outlined about the number 4.  He is no stranger to hard work, and he’s incredibly strategic in his plans.  He is the manifestation of success.

And Aires?   Well, it’s the first sign of the Zodiac and is associated with the element of Fire.  Aires is the spark, the jump-start, the kick in the pants we need to go out there and “DO.”

But, the plot thickens!  I’m a Virgo, with an ascendent of Aries.

What a powerful message!  This is one of those times when the Universe hits me over the head.  The message to me is that it’s time for me to bring to bear the traits of The Emperor, while also protecting my time, energy and money such that I can bring to fruition the creative endeavors I want to manifest.

It’s time for me to get strategic about what I want to accomplish.

This is just one of the amazing ways in which the tarot works!

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Cathy Lynn

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